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SAGD Produced Water Separation
Alberta, Canada

Globally Proven Separation Technologies.

Monarch designs, engineers, and manufacturers various essential separation technologies for the removal of oil and solids from water produced globally by the oil and gas industry. Purchase individual technologies or complete separation technology trains from Monarch.


Separate oil simply.

A versatile portfolio of technologies for removal of free and dispersed oil from a produced water stream. Ask us about Monarch’s quintessential technologies including API, Hydrocyclones, CPI, IGF, DGF, CFU, NSF, ORF, WSF or any oil water separation project.


The power of technology.

Remove oil and solids from water with a train of Monarch technologies to form a complete separation system. System design and build never looked so simple.


Start with solids removal.

Removal of sand and solids has never been as straight forward as Monarch’s quality line of desanders and filter separation technologies. Contact us today to purchase a Monarch technology for your specific solids separation application.